Training for: Civilians, Law Enforcement, and Military.

Black Mountain is located at approximately 3,000 feet in  the High Desert  area of California’s pristine Mojave Desert. The  serenity and crisp air offer an excellent place to train.  Black Mountain Training Center (BMTC) rests  in a valley on approximately 200 acres about 20 miles west of Barstow, California.  Our facility provides a unique and extensive  array of training programs and resources.   Included on site are classrooms, outdoor firearm and tactical ranges,  physical training areas for unarmed self-defense, and an experienced and highly  trained cadre of professional instructors.   Black Mountain Training   Center is a private  institution with a highly focused objective of providing one of the finest  specialized training academies for law enforcement, military and security  professionals.  We also offer specially  designed home defense firearms courses for the private citizen.

BMTC offers hands on  instruction and we are able to work with individuals as well as the whole  group.   This enables participants to get  the help and instruction that they need.   We are always available to answer questions and assist students with  areas of concern. 

BMTC is a perfect  learning environment. Safety is of paramount importance during training,  as well as   using your most important “weapon”….

Your mind!


Several of our courses are specialized and sensitive in  nature.  We cannot accept registration  from private individuals who are not connected to recognized law enforcement  agencies, government, military or corporate organizations, without special permission.  We have the capabilities of customizing  courses to meet the needs of our clients. If we can assist you in this endeavor, feel free to inquire. If you have a group of 10 or more people wanting to take  a class,  inquire about our group rate. Black Mountain Training Center reserves the right to deny training to anyone for any reason. If an applicant is not accepted, a prompt refund will be made.The different classes that Black Mountain Training offers are listed to the right.